Frequently Asked Questions and How to

Hello everyone, as you can already see, we have completely rebuilt Sync-Video. Sync video has now arrived in the 21st century ;) At the same time the development team has changed. The old ones have left Sync-Video.

The video does not pause/start when I click on the video.

Correct, this now only works via the play button in the video player at the bottom left and via the [Spacebar].

How can I create a room?

Go to the start page and click >> Create room <<

How can I share my room with friends?

Either copy the link from the address line of your browser or click on the button >> Invite friends << above links in the room.

How can I add a YouTube video?

In the top right corner below the Playlist heading you can add the link of your YouTube video. Then click on the button >>Add Video << or confirm with [Enter].

How can I start a video?

In the playlist on the right, there is a play button at the top left of each video thumbnail. Press this button.

How can I edit my room?

At the top right of the player >>Room Settings <<. Click on it there.

How can I protect my room with a password?

Go to your >>Room settings << and enter your password in the field >>Enter password here<<. Then close the menu again.

What rights does the room owner have?

The owner can set the password, add and remove videos. The owner can also operate the player (start, stop, fast forward and rewind) and turn users into moderators or viewers or kick them out of the lounge. If the owner is logged into his account, he can also set the room permanently and much more!

What rights does the moderator have?

The moderator can add and remove videos. The moderator can also control the player (start, stop and fast forward and rewind).

What rights does the viewer have?

The viewer can only watch and chat.

Where do the user names come from?

If it is a user with a sync video account, this is his username. Otherwise, the names are all random.

I have registered and have not received an e-mail

Please contact us in the Discord or write us an e-mail.

Wie kann ich die Sprache ändern? How can I change the language?

Dafür musst du die Sprache deines Internet-Browers ändern. Derzeit wird nur Deutsch und Englisch unterstüzt. Bei jeder Sprache, außer Deutsch wird Englisch ausgewählt. For this you have to change the language of your Internet browser. Currently only English and German is supported. For every language except German, English is automatically selected.

Is there a dark mode?

In the upper right corner is a cloud moon symbol. Click on it there. The setting will be saved.

Does my Sync Video account still work?

No, I'm afraid not. We had to rebuild everything.

I have an idea/feature request. How do I reach you?

If you want to support us with your ideas, please come to our discord or write us an e-mail. We usually realize user wishes and are looking forward to your ideas :)

What shortcuts are there?

Press [Space] to start/stop the video. You can exit [Escape] from the full screen mode.

Which Internet browsers do you support?

We support almost every current Internet browser. We have tested the following Internet browsers: Chrome, Edge, Brave, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Mobile the site also works with all internet browsers.

What happens if a user's Internet connection is not sufficient?

The system waits briefly, but then starts without the user.

Help! The player no longer works. What could be the cause?

The system waits briefly, but then starts without the user.

The video will not start after clicking on the link and joining the room.

The system waits briefly, but then starts without the user.

The videos do not sync.

The system waits briefly, but then starts without the user.

Is the old sync-video still available?

The system waits briefly, but then starts without the user.

I do not receive a confirmation email for my account.

The system waits briefly, but then starts without the user.