What is it actually?

Sync-Video is a free service where people can watch together synchronised videos over internet regardless of distance.

Some features (like playback) do not work!

Things that usually helps:
  • Check if your browser is up-to-date.
  • Try on the newest version of most reliable browsers Chrome/Chromium/Firefox
  • Make sure any browser plugins do not mess up (for example try disabling all plugins in incognito mode).
  • Sometimes it's ISP/gateway fault, like Untangle. Try connecting through https.

Whats the difference between TV Channel and normal room?

TV Channel is very similar to normal room - you can watch videos there in the same way as in normal room, you can make room private or public etc. The major difference is that you are the only owner of the room, and always will be. You can choose your TV Channel name in options menu - this name will generate you an unique URL for your room. You can have whatever name you want as long as it isn't already reserved.

One of the benefits of possessing channel TV room is that you can share your own URL (/tv/roomname) on other websites. Channel can started only by you, so no one will take over.

In case you will be disconnected from room, some other user will take over your role temporarily, but as soon as you get back - you will be given owners permissions again.

For now TV Channels are experimental and can be only created by Royal-Blue users. We are planning to release it for everyone for in near future.

I got banned, what now?

We rarely ban users from our service, but owners and operators of particular room can do that. If you were banned from one of those rooms you can not rejoin anymore. We do not know the reason of your ban - it was decision to make by other users. Sadly ban will be lifted when every user leaves room making the room empty. But fear not - you still can join other rooms and create your own.

What does option X mean?

  • Repeat - when playlist repeats, playback returns to first position
  • Shuffle - shuffles playlist
  • Autoplay - videos play on start automatically
  • Pause on buffering - when one of users starts to buffer video, playback for all other users also stop.

How to reorder videos on playlist?

You can reorder playlist, by simply using drag and drop mechanism. Simply click on thumbnail on playlist and move it to new position.

What does !, @, ~ mean?

Those are badges representing user privilages in room:
  • @ - Owner of the room
  • ! - Operator of the room (slected by owner)
  • ~ - Anonymous users (not logged in)

How to update saved playlist?

Simply load your playlist in new room, add/remove new videos and save it using old name of playlist to replace old one. Thats all :).

How to reorder saved playlist?

You can reorder playlist, by simply using drag and drop mechanism. Simply click on thumbnail on playlist and move it to new position. This option is only available for OWNER and OPerators of the room. You can load your playlist in new room, reorder it and save it using the same name as before to replace old one (and by that you will save new order of old playlist).

What can do OP and what can do OWNER?

There can be only one owner @ and many OPs ! users in room at the same time.
Owner is the absolute ruler of the room, he can do almost everything. The most scary abilities are kick and ban from room. He can also add/remove videos from playlist, and grant permissions to other users. Be aware of giving other users Owner status, because there can be only one owner you will be degraded to OP. Owner has one unique role - he controlls video playback, upon rewinding, pausing and seeking forward, every other user in the room will try to sync with the Owner’s state - that’s why Owner can not use “desync” function.
OP ! is very similar to owner - he can ban and kick from room, add/remove videos change playlist order and so on. Main difference from owner is that he can not control video playback.

What advantages brings registered account?

For starters you don’t need to enter nickname everytime you join or create new room. You have ability to save playlists for later use, share playlists via link and make your room public. Finally the most important part - your nickname won’t be grayed out in chat or in userlists :).

How can I add custom videos to playlist?

If you have video that is not on youtube or vimeo - you can still watch it together with friends. Firstly your video should meet following requirements:
  • Should be uploaded to server and accessible for everyone that have direct URL.
  • Should be in supported web video format ( ogv, mp4, webm or flv ).
  • That is actually all :), just add video to playlist (enter whole URL), and invite friends.